Alpine alstroemeria 61kB
Bamboo leaves 112kB
Bog bean 206kB
Curly grass 745kB
Alpine primula 38.9kB
Fan palm 454kB
Feathery grass 585kB
Palm tree 350kB
Willow stem 140kB
Candelabra primula 84kB
Alpine alstoemeria
Fan palm
Bamboo leaves
Feathery grass
Bog bean
Palm tree
Curly grass
Willow stem
Alpine primulaa
Candelabra sp
To download zipped versions of these DFX plants click on the thumbnail above. They were constructed in 'Plant Studio' a brilliant and very reasonably priced modeller for herbaceous and grassy plants.

Lots of pre-set plants are available free of charge if you have a registered version of the software. Its also very easy to produce your own plants both real and imagined. Read the zipped text file for instructions on how to use the models.See here for large collection of parameter files