Amphora 8.2kB
Copper kettle 5 DFX's 230kB
Chinese vase 73.7kB
Egg timer 2 DFX's 133kB
Decanter 100kB
Wine goblet 165kB
Planter 98kB
Corkscrew 2DFX's 251kB
Pint of Guiness 3 DFX's 76kb
Oil lamp 7 DFX's 327kB
Pestel & mortar 3 DFX's 140kB
Salt/ pepper grinder 2 DFX's 125kB
Download these DFX files by clicking on the thumbnail. Keep visiting because I intend to change the models periodically. Zip file size is indicated in the pop-up info box when pausing over the image.o